Farewell and Welcome

9 Oct

torchPost from ILTA KM Blogmaster and KM Peer Group Steering Committee menber David Hobbie, Goodwin Procter LLP

I am pleased to announce that I will be passing the torch on this blog to Andrew Baker, a fellow member of the KM Peer Group Steering Committee and Director of Seyfarth Shaw’s Legal Technology Innovations Office.

This blog was launched in spring of 2011, around two and a half years ago.  While initially Patrick DiDomenico and I were to be co-blogmasters, Patrick’s other obligations (like serving on ILTA’s Conference Committee and doing the work that led him to be this years KM Distinguished Peer) took him away.

What have been the most popular topics / posts?

The top 5  posts are … (drumroll please) …

What is this blog’s purpose?  

As it still says on the About page, this blog aims to “share thoughts about legal knowledge management, whether contributed by a member of the KM Steering Committee, or by another member of the ILTA community…mak[ing] it easy for members of that community to contribute, without having to start up their own blog.”

How have we measured up?

The traditional way to measure a blog’s success is by counting pageviews.  On that front, this blog has had just over 19,000 page views total.  Another way is to look at subscribers; there are 127 people who receive an email or other notice every time a post is published.  That isn’t the Huffington Post, but it’s more than respectable in my opinion.

There have been over 60 posts, and I’ve proud to note that we’ve had 20 different authors, from almost as many different firms, ranging from knowledge managers to chief knowledge officers to journalists and consultants.  I think that’s a good indication that we’ve provided a valuable platform, and I know that the range of guest authors will be a continued strength of this blog.

What’s Next?

I’m leaving this blog in Andrew’s capable hands.  I’ll continue blogging at Caselines, and be on Twitter / LinkedIn / Google+ as before.  See you online!


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