Ark Conference on Knowledge Management In The Legal Profession

2 Oct

Post By David Hobbie, ILTA KM Blogmaster

Win a full pass at Ark Group’s 8th Annual Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession conference – Courtesy of Ark Group and ILTA’s KM Steering Committee.

The formal conference theme is worth quoting:

As the legal profession bends and begins to adapt to the needs of a new economy, many law firms find themselves in transition—recalibrating for innovation in an effort to ensure that the firm is not merely a survivor, but a leader.

More than ever before, clients are focused on how legal work is going to be done. Law firms need the tools and processes that drive true efficiency in service delivery and this is not a one-dimensional problem as it includes pricing, planning, matter management and reporting—as well as execution of the work itself. For KM to remain a vital function for firms (as it should) it will need to be focused on solving the core challenges facing firms today—versus the litany of needs described by the past.

Ark Group’s 8th annual Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession conference will challenge the entrenched orthodoxies—dissecting the standard practices and processes that law firms assume they must do (because this is the way they have always done it)—confronted by rationalized business processes (i.e. the ones that every other industry has adopted).

The challenge ahead of us isn’t as much about making the case for KM leadership as it is about finding the right skills to pioneer new initiatives. Some KM practitioners may have these skill sets—and some may not. Regardless, law firm leaders must start rethinking the “just in case” model of precedent and research collection—and find ways to marshal their resources to provide the necessary infrastructure to make course corrections, change business processes, and improve decision-making frameworks enabling law firms to deliver unparalleled breakthroughs in agility and efficiency.

This year’s conference (taking place this October 24-25 in NY) is premised on a business background of increased client attention on how legal work gets done.

Speakers include keynoter  Toby Brown (of Three Geeks) on The Economics of Law and the Future of KM,  ILTA KM Steering Committee members Scott Rechtschaffen, Patrick DiDomenico, Chris Boyd, Andrew Baker, and the author, along with KM luminaries such as Risa Schwartz, Jeff Rovner, Oz Benamram, Tom Baldwin, and Mary Abraham.

To enter a raffle for a free pass, simply submit your name to – Make sure to put “ILTA’s KM Blog/Conference Pass” in the subject line.

The winner will be chosen at random on Friday Oct 5th and their name will be posted here.


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