Opening on KM PG Steering Committee

6 Aug

Post By ILTA KM Steering Committee VP Chris Boyd

The Knowledge Management Peer Group Steering Committee has an opening and we’re looking for an interested volunteer to fill it.  The KM peer group works with ILTA, fellow peer groups, and regional leadership to deliver programs and publications on how law firms and law departments can use KM to help their attorneys and other professionals be more effective and efficient and ultimately deliver more value to their clients.  We enjoy working together to develop conference sessions, put on webinars and local meetings, encourage the use of the e-group, publish an annual white paper, post on this blog, conduct an annual survey, collaborate with vendors on peer-focused programming, and otherwise capitalize on ILTA’s excellent resources to facilitate peer knowledge sharing and champion KM.

Our steering committee has eight people, and one of our long-serving members has decided to step down, so we are looking to fill that slot.  Our departing member is from Toronto, and because we collaborate with local KM groups and each have an assigned regional ILTA group to work with, we will give preference to applicants from Canada overall and Toronto specifically, but that is a preference rather than a firm requirement.  There are many benefits to participating in the steering committee, including meeting and collaborating with peers in different organizations, influencing the direction of ILTA’s KM programming agenda, and helping to grow the international legal KM community.

You can find more information about the responsibilities of, and qualifications for, steering committee members here, along with a link to the online application.  If you’re qualified and interested, we encourage you to apply.  Please also feel free to contact me at or 650-354-4195 if you have any questions.


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